Visualizing success

Volvo’s engineering teams used ABB’s RobotStudio® Augmented Reality viewer to overlay the model designs they created in RobotStudio to simulate machines in the real-life production environment. By visualizing how the robots would operate together in specific spaces, engineers were able to discover any issues that could affect real-world performance.

The RobotStudio Augmented Reality viewer is part of ABB’s RobotStudio, the world’s most used offline programming tool for robotics. Engineers can download the viewer on a smartphone or tablet, and then use it to superimpose an animation of their robot design on the screen as it shows the production floor. Engineers use this to virtualize and simulate the robot’s operations, allowing them to identify issues such as cable placement, orientation issues, or space limitations.

The app was particularly helpful when designing robot cells for areas with little room to maneuver, such as the facility’s paint shop. With every square inch at a premium, the engineers were able to optimize the design for the space. A timeline feature let them watch what the robot would look like throughout its entire cycle, eliminating the risk of surprises.

“We only started using the app relatively recently, but in that time we’ve already seen the benefit in being able to avoid errors and optimize designs. Because the app is smartphone-based it means that anyone can access simulations anywhere and at any time – this makes it easier to help managers understand what we are trying to achieve, and get the go-ahead on projects.”
Leonardo Amaral, Local Technology Specialist for Robotics, Volvo Trucks

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