Filtering out attacks

The city selected ABB to modernize the wastewater facility’s systems and solutions in order to implement a world-class cyber security infrastructure. The plant had an ambitious goal: deploy all the security controls, apply more than 2,000 security patches, and conduct a cyber security assessment – all within five days.

Over the course of one business week, ABB modernized the facility’s legacy DCI controllers to Symphony Plus (HPC800) controllers, while also implementing ABB Ability™ Cyber Security portfolio offerings. ABB customized the wastewater treatment plant’s cyber security solution to protect its systems and solutions from malware and other cyber threats. 

In order to build the strongest foundation for security, ABB implemented the following solutions:

  • ABB Ability Cyber Security Updates to ensure the automated deployment of validated Microsoft security updates to nodes in the system. 
  • ABB Ability Cyber Malware Protection to enable automated deployment of validated McAfee updates to nodes in the system.
  • ABB Ability Cyber Security Backup & Restore to provide a commercial backup solution configured to safely take backups from the DCS system.  
  • ABB Ability Cyber Security Fingerprint to get a report of the current cyber security posture of the system, detect any gaps in the protection, and have a baseline for future reference.

ABB Ability™ empowers insights for safer, smarter operations that maximize resource efficiency and contribute to a low-carbon future.